Quality Hygiene Security Environment


To meet the guidelines established to achieve the objectives set by the general management, the policies below were deployed and their fulfillment demanded from all our employees:

With the implementation of these policies, Sonamet substantiates the following values:

  • SAFETY: Ensure commitment of everyone at Sonamet to an incident-free workplace, every day, at work and at home,
  • OUR PEOPLE: Emphasise people development and enforce a positive and constructive working environment,
  • CLIENT FOCUS: The success of our business is closely tied with the performance delivered to our clients and the long term relationships developed,
  • COMMITMENT TO EXCELLENCE: Sonamet employees are committed to deliver reliable and predictable performance; we strive for excellence in everything we do,
  • COMMUNITY INVOLVMENT: Minimise Sonamet activities footprint on the environment; reinforce Sonamet positive social impact in the Province.