Projects of Sonamet

Track record

From 1998 until today Sonamet has been working on every block development in Angola.

Companyprojectdescriptionweight (tons)
CHEVRON – CABGOC     VukoJacket + Deck + Piles & Caisson1,405
Kungulo BJacket + Deck + Piles & Caisson1,405
KWIPJacket + Piles1,745
WaterfloodFabrication and Reeling of Pipeline 6“ to 12“14,28
Malongo North LagoSkids162
North NembaFlare Boom800
Solt offshoreSeaway Polaris – J Lay RampStructural Work400
Abb Offshore Systems CHEVRON – CABGOCKuito 1CManifold Duplex Piping works80
Coflexip Stena Offshore CHEVRON – CABGOCKuito 1CMidwater Arches Structural works450
AMG totalfinaelfGirassol3 Risers Towers – 3 Risers Anchors3 x 1300
SBM totalfinaelfGirassol1 Export Buoy 9 Suctions Anchors600 720
MPG totalfinaelfGirassol16 FPSO Suctions Anchors1,02
MPG totalfinaelfGirassol16 FPSO Suctions Anchors1,02
ABB Lumus Global EXXONMOBILKizomba ‘A‘8 TLP Plies + 24 access platform + 3 Buyancy Cans3,148
Hyundai Heavy Industries EXXONMOBILKizomba ‘A‘1 Buoy + 7 Piles + 15 Sunction FPSO Anchors Piles3,661
Cameron EXXONMOBILKizomba ‘A‘4 Manifolds + 2 Piles1,125
Stolt Offshore CHEVRON – CABGOCSanha BombocoJacket + Deck + Piles + Bridges + Flare + Risers + Spools7,587
Cameron EXXONMOBILXikomba4 Manifolds + Piles360
DSME EXXONMOBILKizomba ‘B‘8 TLP Plies + 2 Boat Landings2680
Vetco Gray EXXONMOBILKizomba ‘B‘WHAP75
Saibos EXXONMOBILKizomba ‘B‘1 Buoy + 7 Piles + 15 Sunction FPSO Anchors Piles3,661
Cameron EXXONMOBILKizomba ‘B‘3 Manifolds + 10 Piles + Foundation Bases1049
DSME CHEVRON TEXACOBenguela BelizeDrilling Template + Levelling Pile Template + Piles + Boat Landings + Flare Boom + …2351
KOP TotalDaliaSunction Piles + Bottom Foundation Bases + Porch Guide Bases + Manifolds + …700
FMC BPGreater Plutonio6 Manifolds and 6 Manifolds Structures741
ACERGY BPGreater PlutonioR. Towers, FPSO Piles, Manifolds, Piles, Sleds, Spools5,425
 Buoy and 7 Piles1,24
Ponticelli TotalRosa FPSO TopsideModule 7A and 7B and small Lifting Inst. Aids1,266
APL TOTALDaliaBuoy and 6 Piles814
Subsea 7 ChevronLobito Tomboco24 PLET’s /ITA440
Vecto Gray ChevronLobito Tomboco3 Prod., 3 W. Injection Manifolds and 3 Piles504
Technip TOTALDalia12 FPSO Suction Piles1,428
Dynamic Industries CHEVRONBanzalaJacket B & Appurten. Jacket C & Appurten. Piles1,683
ExxonKizomba C Mondo and Saxi-Batuque2 FPSO Turrets, 9 Suntion Piles1,8
Vecto GrayKizomba C Mondo and Saxi-Batuque14 Manifolds, 12 Suntion Piles2
SamsungTakula TGPPJacket, Piles, Bridge & Flare Boom2,6
DSMETombua LandanaLevelling Piles, Levelling Pile Template, Boat Landings, Flare Boom, Drilling Pipe Rack2,7
CABGOCMafumeira NorteEPCI Contract for the complete platform and KWIP hook-up works3,15
General Electric (VG) CHEVRONTombua LandanaProduction & Injection Manifolds and Sunction Piles225
Acergy CHEVRONTombua LandanaPlet and Jumpers104
Acergy EXXONBlock 15Plets, Plems, Bouyance tank, piles, foundation and jumpers3,3
Modec & HMC BPBlock 31Pipes racks, driven piles, foundation, bouyance tank2,95
DSME TotalPAZFLORMooring protectors, boat landing, helidecks, sunction pile and riser protector3,9