Yard Sonamet


Crawler Cranes1 Manitowoc 18000: 640mt @ 14m radius
2 Demag CC2400, 1 Manitowoc 16000: 300mt @ 14m radius
11 Manitowoc 3900, 4000, 4100, 5500, 12000: up to 100mt @ 4m radius (max boom 55m)
 Hydraulic Cranes9 PPM A400, A450, A600: up to 45mt @ 4m radius
  Tower Cranes2 Potain MC85B: 10mt @ 15m radius
 Personnel Lift4 Personnel lift Haulotte: up to 41m @ 230kg
 3 Pile Racks PileComplete sets of circular, longitudinal automatic 18 line up dollies motorized from 50mt to 70mt
Welding machines including SAW boom, drive rollers and idle rollers
Other welding equipment available in large quantities to cope with all needs
 Rolling Machines3 Rolling machines: up to 76mm thickness with 3m width plates
 Pipe/Plate& Beam cutting machines     3 Pipe profile cutting machines Mueller: diameter from 200mm to 2000mm
2 Plate cutting machines Oxytome 5: 3m x 4,3m
3 Plate cutting machines Oxytome 40E: 3m x 19,5m
3 Plasma generators ZIP 5.0
1 Beam cutting machine HGG: max cross section of profile 300 x 600mm
1 Hack saw : diameter up to 450mm
Reel BaseDesigned for double jointing
Equipped with line up stations / conveyors / rollers / transfer cars
Pre-Post Heat1 Stress relieve unit 75kW
5 Heat machines 60kW
Trucks & Trailers1 Multiwheel trailer Delattre Levivier with tractor: 450mt
2 Multiwheel motorized and coupled modules Nicolas: 120mt each
11 Trailers: from 8m to 16m length, capacity from 9mt to 35mt
2 Crane trucks: up to 3,5t @ 2m radius. Transportation capacity 10mt
2 Volvo tip truck: 36mt capacity
2 Volvo dumper trucks: 18m3 capacity
1 Mobile lubrication station
1 Fresh water truck 22m3
7 Tractors up to 150HP
Forklifts3 high capacity forklifts: 28mt and 32mt
14 telescopic forklifts: up to 12mt
Civil Works Equipment2 graders, 1 bulldozer, 4 loaders, 3 excavators, 1 cement trailor 22m3, 1 concrete plant
Pulling Equipment   1 Kley France tensioner: 15mt
1 Barciet hold back winch: max 50mt
4 Skagit winches: max 44mt
Large set of hydraulic jacks + HPU: from 10 to 500mt
Load-out EquipmentLarge set of pumps: from 300m3/h to 500m3/h
Skid beams
4 Pulling blocks: 140mt